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Sunday, October 25, 2009


another card for the weekend,
i have 2 more card to make,and after that i'm done for a while,
at least for this 3 weeks of final exam

kad ni mirae yang tempah untuk hubby dubby die ;p
i got carried away with the pink ribbon,i could not resist to put it on this card althou i know it's for her hubby and it suppose to look...well at least manly. but it ended up like this.
harap ko suke la mira eh? ;p


hari minggu ni sangat pelik,
FB menjadi pelik dan Org2 di dalamnyer pun same,

aku pun dah terikut jadi pelik~

tak sabO nak mula cuti sem!

1 comment:

Aimes said...

I love the layout on this card - it works so well! Beautiful!
Good luck for your final exam!

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