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Sunday, November 15, 2009

mencuri masa

i know..i know..i'm supposed to study right now.
but hey,it's has been a week since i made my last card,
i need to released all this pressure (pressure to cut something lol) ;p

so i made this card for kaksu
i follow the sketch from 2 sketches 4 you.
that's it,i'm off now to continue my study.
khamis depan paper terakhir.
wooohoooo tak sabarnyer nak start cuti sem!!


sedang study sambil merancang waktu cuti.


BiEha Besh said...

omey2,,pinky2 gtuh tuk kak su,,~~~ weeee~~~ antikk,,mintak butang boleeeyyy??~~~~~hehehe

Cheryl said...

Love it,the bright colours are fabulous!!! A break from study is a good thing.....looking forward to your next card!!

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